Super B12™


Super B12™ is the ultimate oral B12! This formula has been developed based on the same advanced liposomal technology used in our very successful Trizomal Glutathione™. B12 is critical for healthy methylation and numerous organ-system functions.*


  • 1,500 mcg of B12 in every serving (10 drops)
  • Provides the bioactive coenzyme form, methylcobalamin*
  • Prepared via a liposomal process for optimal bioavailability*
  • Offering 112 servings and approximately 168,000 mcg of methylcobalamin per bottle
  • No added sugar; sweetened with luo han guo (monk fruit)
  • Pleasant-tasting natural raspberry flavor
  • Convenient dropper delivery


  • Helps ensure adequate methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin levels*
  • B12 is needed for the following:
  • Energy production*
  • Neurological function*
  • Methylation reactions and DNA synthesis*
  • Homocysteine metabolism*
  • Red blood cell formation*
  • Endocrine function*
  • Immune function*
Super B12™